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List Of Assembly Members those who were in Rajyasabha

1 Shri Ananga Udaya Singh Deo Shri Ananga Udaya Singh Deo
2 Shri Ananta Sethi Shri Ananta Sethi
3 Late Baidyanath Rath Late Baidyanath Rath
4 Late Banamali Babu Late Banamali Babu
5 Late Banka Behari Das Late Banka Behari Das
6 Late Basudev Mahapatra Late Basudev Mahapatra
7 Late Bhairab Chandra Mohanty Late Bhairab Chandra Mohanty
8 Shri Bhupinder Singh Shri Bhupinder Singh
9 Late Biju Patnaik Late Biju Patnaik
10 Shri Birabhadra Singh Shri Birabhadra Singh
11 Late Birakeshari Deo Late Birakeshari Deo
12 Late Biswanath Das Late Biswanath Das
13 Late Bodh Ram Dube Late Bodh Ram Dube
14 Late Chaitanya Prasad Majhi Late Chaitanya Prasad Majhi
15 Late Chandra Mohan Singh Late Chandra Mohan Singh
16 Shri Chiranjib Biswal Shri Chiranjib Biswal
17 Late Dhananjaya Mohanty Late Dhananjaya Mohanty
18 Shri Dhaneswar Majhi Shri Dhaneswar Majhi
19 Late Dibakar Patnaik Late Dibakar Patnaik
20 Shri Dilip Kumar Ray Shri Dilip Kumar Ray
21 Late Frida Topno Late Frida Topno
22 Late Ghasiram Sandil Late Ghasiram Sandil
23 Late Harihar Patel Late Harihar Patel
24 Late Jagadish Jani Late Jagadish Jani
25 Late Jagannath Das(Bhadrak) Late Jagannath Das(Bhadrak)
26 Late Kalpataru Das Late Kalpataru Das
27 Shri Kanhu Charan Lenka Shri Kanhu Charan Lenka
28 Late Kishore Kumar Mohanty Late Kishore Kumar Mohanty
29 Late Krushna Chandra Panda Late Krushna Chandra Panda
30 Late Lakshman Mahapatra Late Lakshman Mahapatra
31 Late Lingaraj Misra Late Lingaraj Misra
32 Late Mahamad Hanif Late Mahamad Hanif
33 Shri Mangala Kisan Shri Mangala Kisan
34 Late Manmohan Mathur Late Manmohan Mathur
35 Shri Manmohan Samal Shri Manmohan Samal
36 Late Nandakishore Das Late Nandakishore Das
37 Late Nandini Satpathy Late Nandini Satpathy
38 Shri Narayan Patra Shri Narayan Patra
39 Late Nilamani Routray Late Nilamani Routray
40 Late Radhakrushna Biswas Ray Late Radhakrushna Biswas Ray
41 Shri Rama Chandra Khuntia Shri Rama Chandra Khuntia
42 Late Sanatan Bisi Late Sanatan Bisi
43 Late Santosh Kumar Sahu Late Santosh Kumar Sahu
44 Late Saraswati Pradhan Late Saraswati Pradhan
45 Smt. Sarojini Hembram Smt. Sarojini Hembram
46 Shri Shashi Bhusan Behera Shri Shashi Bhusan Behera
47 Late Shyamsundar Mohapatra Late Shyamsundar Mohapatra
48 Late Sradhakar Supakar Late Sradhakar Supakar
49 Shri Sundar Mohan Hemrom Shri Sundar Mohan Hemrom
50 Late Sushree Devi Late Sushree Devi

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