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List Of Women Rajyasabha Members

1 LateFrida Topno(B)(04/03/1996 to 04/02/2002)
2 Shri ILA Panda(07/02/1992 to 07/01/1998)
3 Smt. Jayanti Patnaik(04/03/1996 resigned on:03/03/1998)
4 Smt. Mira Das(04/03/1990 to 04/02/1996)
5 Late Nandini Satpathy(04/03/1962 to 04/02/1968),(04/03/1968 resigned on:11/29/1972)
6 Smt. Pramila Bohidar(04/03/2002 to 04/02/2008)
7 Smt. Renubala Pradhan(04/03/2008 to 04/02/2014)
8 Late Sailabala Das(04/03/1952 to 04/02/1954)
9 Late Saraswati Pradhan(04/03/1972 to 04/02/1978)
10 Smt. Sarojini Hembram(02/07/2014 to 04/02/2020)
11 Ms. Sushila Tiria(07/02/1986 to 07/01/1992),(04/03/2006 to 04/02/2012)
12 Late Sushree Devi(04/03/2002 to 04/02/2008)

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