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Serial No.Bill TitleAct/YearAmend  
1 The Orissa General Clauses Act, 193711937 Amend
2 The Orissa Co-operative Land Mortgage Bank Act, 193831938 Amend
3 The Orissa Small Holders Relief Act, 193851938 Amend
4 The Orissa Nurses and Midwives Registration Act, 193871938 Amend
5 The Orissa Prevention of Adulteration and Control of Sale of Food Act, 1938101938 Amend
6 The Sambalpur Local Self Government Act, 193961939 Amend
7 The Orissa Legislative Assembly (War Service) Act, 194071940 Amend
8 The Hindu Women's Right to Property (Extension to Scheduled Land in Orissa) Act, 194451944 Amend
9 The Orissa Entertainment Tax Act, 194651946 Amend
10 The Orissa Drug Advertisements Control Act, 194661946 Amend
11 The Orissa Military Police Act, 194671946 Amend
12 The Orissa Motor Sprit (Taxation on Sales) Act, 1946Assent awaited Amend
13 The Orissa Removal of Civil Disabilities Act, 1946111946 Amend
14 The Orissa Essential Articles Control and Requisitioning (Temporary Powers) Act, 194711947 Amend
15 The Orissa House Rent Control Act, 1947.51947 Amend
16 The Orissa Preservation of Private Forests Act, 1947.Assent awaited Amend
17 The Orissa Temple Entry Authorisation and Indeminty Act, 1947.111947 Amend
18 The Orissa Sales Tax Act, 1947141947 Amend
19 The Orissa Opium Smoking Act, 1947.161947 Amend
20 The Orissa Agricultural Income Tax Act, 1947241947 Amend
21 The Orissa Court of Wards Act, 1947.261947 Amend
22 The Ganjam Small Holders Relief Act, 1947.301947 Amend
23 The Orissa Land Encroachment Act, 1947331947 Amend
24 The Orissa Motor Vehicles (Regulation of Stage Carriage and Public Carriers Services) Act, 1947.361947 Amend
25 The Orissa Commercial Forest and Private Land (Prohibition of Allocation) Act, 194811948 Amend
26 The Orissa Tenants Protection Act, 194831948 Amend
27 The Orissa Maintenance of Public Orders Act, 194841948 Amend
28 The Orissa Local Fund Audit Act, 194851948 Amend
29 The Orissa Revenue Commissioner's (Regulation Function) Act, 1948Assent awaited Amend
30 The Orissa Repealing Act, 1948Assent awaited Amend
31 The Orissa Compulsory Labour Act, 1948101948 Amend
32 The Orissa Temple Entry Authorisation Act, 1948111948 Amend
33 The Orissa Development of Industries, Irrigations, Capital Construction and Resettlement of Displaced Persons (Land Acquisition) Act, 1948181948 Amend
34 The Orissa Local Authorities Census Expences Contribution Act, 194941949 Amend
35 The Orissa Mahammadan Marriages and Divorces Registration Act, 194971949 Amend
36 The Orissa Animal Contagious Diseases Act, 1949Assent awaited Amend
37 The Orissa Merged States (Laws) Act, 195041950 Amend
38 The Orissa Drugs Control Act, 195051950 Amend
39 The Orissa Maintenance of Public Orders Act, 1950101950 Amend
40 The Mayurbhanja Motor Spirit (Taxation of Sales) Validation Act, 1950201950 Amend
41 The Orissa Municipal Act, 1950231950 Amend
42 The Orissa Local Government Act, 1950221950 Amend
43 The Orissa Gasment Lands Bar to Acquistion of the Right of Occupanay Act, 1950101951 Amend
44 The Orissa Essential Articles Control and Requisitioning (Temporary Powers) Act, 1950121951 Amend
45 The Orissa Public Embackment Construction and Improvement Act, 1950131951 Amend
46 The Orissa Basic Education Act, 1951181951 Amend
47 The Orissa Board of Revenue Act, 1951231951 Amend
48 The Orissa Merged Territories Petition writer's contininue of Licences Act, 1951251951 Amend
49 The Orissa (Sub-ordinate Judges and Munsiff procedings in Merged Territories) Validation Act, 1951261951 Amend
50 The Orissa Expiring Laws Continuous Act, 1951331951 Amend
51 The Orissa Estate Abolition Act, 195111952 Amend
52 The Orissa Deputy Ministers Salaries Act, 1952Assent awaited Amend
53 The Puri Shri Jagannath Temple (Administration) Act, 1952 141952 Amend
54 The Orissa Ministeries Salaries Allowances Act, 1952201952 Amend
55 The Orissa Restriction of Habitual Offenders Act, 1952241952 Amend
56 The Orissa Mining Areas Development Fund Act, 1952271952 Amend
57 The Orissa Requisiting and Acquisition of Immovable proporty Act, 1952291952 Amend
58 The Orissa Secondary Education Act, 1953101953 Amend
59 The Orissa Evacuse Interact (Separation) Supplimentary Act, 1953111953 Amend
60 The Orissa Bhodan Yagan Act, 1953161953 Amend
61 The Orissa District Boards and Local Boards (control and Management) Act, 195451954 Amend
62 The Orissa Official Language Act, 1954141954 Amend
63 The Orissa Prvention of Land Encroachment Act, 1953151954 Amend
64 The Orissa Desciplinary Proceeding (summoning of Witness and Production of Document) Act, 1954161954 Amend
65 The Orissa Legislative Assembly Members Salary and Allowances Act, 1954191954 Amend
66 The Orissa Tenants Relief Act, 195551955 Amend
67 The Orissa Essential Articles Control and Requisitioning (Temporary Powers) Act, 195571955 Amend
68 Shri Jagannath Temple Act, 1954111955 Amend
69 The Orissa Preveation of Gambling Act, 1955171955 Amend
70 The Orissa Betterment Charges Act, 195521956 Amend
71 The Orissa Khadi and Village Industries Board Act, 195531956 Amend
72 The Orissa Anchal Sasan Act, 195541956 Amend
73 The Ganjam-Koraput Survey, Record of Right and Settlement Operations Validation Act, 195671956 Amend
74 The Orissa Ancient Monuments Preservation Act, 1956121956 Amend
75 The Orissa Displaced Persons (Rehabilitation Loans) Act, 1956181956 Amend
76 The Orissa Merged Terrotories Petion Writers' Continuance of Licenses Act, 1956191956 Amend
77 The Orissa Shops and Commercial Establishments Act, 1956301956 Amend
78 The Orissa Agricultural Produce Markets Act, 195631957 Amend
79 The Orissa Warehouse Act, 195641957 Amend
80 The Orissa Homeopathic Act, 1956Assent awaited Amend
81 The Orissa Prohibition Act, 1956Assent awaited Amend
82 The Orissa Town Planing and Improvement Truast Act, 1956101957 Amend
83 The Orissa Devlopment of Industries, Irrigation , Agriculture, Capital Construction and Resettelement of Displaced Persons Land Acquisations Procedings Validation Act, 1957 171957 Amend
84 The Orissa Revenue Rivisional Commissioners Act, 1957191957 Amend
85 The Aerial Ropeways Act, 1957221957 Amend
86 The Orissa Live-stock Improvement Act, 195751958 Amend
87 The Orissa Private Lands of Rules (Assessment of Rent) Act, 1958131958 Amend
88 The Orissa Weights and Mesures (Enforcement) Act, 1958201958 Amend
89 The Orissa Fireworks and Loud Speakers (Regulation) Act, 1958301958 Amend
90 The Orissa Houserant Control Act, 1958311958 Amend
91 The Orissa Survey and Settlement Act, 195831959 Amend
92 The Orissa Taxation (On goods carried by Roads or inland water ways) Act, 195971959 Amend
93 The Orissa Irrigation Act, 1959141959 Amend
94 The Orissa Sugarcare Cess Act, 1959241959 Amend
95 The Orissa Legislative Assembly Deputy Speakers Salary and Allowance Act, 1959251959 Amend
96 The Orissa Non-trading Companies Act, 195951960 Amend
97 The Orissa Vaccination Act, 1960131960 Amend
98 The Orissa Ayurvedic Medicine Act, 1960141960 Amend
99 The Orissa Legislative Assembly Proceedings (Protection of Publication) Act, 1960151960 Amend
100 The Orissa Land Reforms Act, 1960161960 Amend
101 The Orissa Legislative Assembly Speakers Salary and Allowances Act, 1960241960 Amend
102 The Orissa Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act, 196051961 Amend
103 The Orissa Sales Tax Validation Act, 196171961 Amend
104 The Orissa Hydro-Electric Projects and Flood Control Works (Survey) Act, 1961101961 Amend
105 The Orissa Electricity (Duty) Act, 1961141961 Amend
106 The Orissa Medical Registration Act, 1961181961 Amend
107 The Orissa Prohibition of Smoking Act, 1961211961 Amend
108 The Orissa Home Guard Act, 1961221961 Amend
109 The Orissa Offices of Profits (Removal of Disqualifications) Act, 1961261961 Amend
110 The Orissa Kendu leaves (Control of Trade) Act, 1961281961 Amend
111 The Orissa Goshala Act, 196111962 Amend
112 The Orissa Cess Act, 1962111962 Amend
113 The Orissa Heriditary Village Offices (Abolition) Act, 1962121962 Amend
114 The Orissa Dramatic Performances Act, 1962141962 Amend
115 The Orissa Re-enacting Act, 1962151962 Amend
116 The Orissa Taxation (On Goods carried by Roads or Inland water ways) Validation Act, 1962181962 Amend
117 The Orissa Requisiting and Acquisition of Immovable Property Act, 1962201962 Amend
118 The Orissa Port Trust Act, 1962301962 Amend
119 The Orissa Government Land Settlement Act, 1962331962 Amend
120 The Orissa Public Demands Recovery Act, 196211963 Amend
121 The Orissa Co-operative Sociaties Act, 196221963 Amend
122 The National Defence Fund (Orissa Collection) Act, 196361963 Amend
123 The Orissa Merged Territories (Village Office Abolition) Act, 1963101963 Amend
124 The Orissa Agricultural Year Act, 1963241963 Amend
125 The Orissa Offices of Village Police (Abolition) Act, 196431964 Amend
126 The Orissa Express Highway Act, 1964Assent awaited Amend
127 The Orissa Vesting of Properting (in Grama Sasans) Act, 1964101964 Amend
128 The Orissa Gift Goods (in lawful possession) Act, 1964131964 Amend
129 The Orissa Limitation (Recovery of Revenue) Act, 1964141964 Amend
130 The Orissa Grama Panchayats Act, 196411965 Amend
131 The Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology Act, 1965171965 Amend
132 The Orissa Maternity Benefit (Repealing) Act, 196531966 Amend
133 The Orissa Soil Conservation Act, 196541966 Amend
134 The Indian Solders (Litigation) (Extension to other Proceeding) Act, 1965101966 Amend
135 The Industrial Housing Act, 196611967 Amend
136 The Orissa Grama Rakhi Act, 1967171967 Amend
137 The Orissa Contigency Fund Act, 1967181967 Amend
138 The Angul Laws Registration (Repeal) Act, 1967191967 Amend
139 The Indian Easements (Orissa Extension) Act, 1967241967 Amend
140 The Orissa Fedration of Religious Act, 196721968 Amend
141 The Orissa House Rent Control Act, 196741968 Amend
142 The Orissa Taxation (On Goods carriage Road or inlaand waterways) Act, 1968Assent awaited Amend
143 The Orissa Housing Board Act, 1968111968 Amend
144 The Orissa Agricultural Land (Utilisation) Act, 1969141969 Amend
145 The Orissa Education Act, 1969151969 Amend
146 The Orissa Industrial Establishments (National and Festival) Holidays Act, 1969221969 Amend
147 The Ganjam and Boudh (Village Officers Abolition) Act, 196911970 Amend
148 The Orissa Hindu Religious Endament Act, 196921970 Amend
149 The Orissa Vetenary Practitioners Act, 197031970 Amend
150 The Orissa Preventive Detention Act, 197041970 Amend
151 The Director of Municipal Administration (Orissa) Excercise of Jurisdiction Validation Act, 1970Assent awaited Amend
152 The Orissa Additional Stamp Duty Act, 1970321970 Amend
153 The Orissa Bhodan and Gramdan Act, 197021971 Amend
154 The Orissa Prevention of Land Encroachment Act, 197261972 Amend
155 The Orissa Public Premises (Evition of Unauthorised Occuption) Act, 197271972 Amend
156 The Sambalpur University (Validation) Act, 1972131972 Amend
157 The Orissa Forest Act, 1972141972 Amend
158 The Orissa Prohibition of Aligation of Land Act, 1972161972 Amend
159 The Orissa Consideration of Holidays and Prevention of Fragamention of Land Act, 1972211972 Amend
160 The Orissa Stamp (Imposition of Surchage) Act, 197451975 Amend
161 The Utkal University (Taking over of Management) Act, 197471975 Amend
162 The Orissa Re-enacting Act, 1974131975 Amend
163 The Orissa Agricultural Laws Repealing Act, 1975161975 Amend
164 The Railway Protection (Orissa Repealing) Act, 1975171975 Amend
165 The Orissa Educational Laws Repeal Act, 1975181975 Amend
166 The Orissa Municipal (Valuation of Holidays) Validation Act, 1975311975 Amend
167 The Orissa Medical Laws (Repeal) Act, 1975341975 Amend
168 The Orissa Co-operative Laws (Repeal) Act, 1975351975 Amend
169 The Orissa Reservation of Vacancies in Post and Services (For SC and ST) Act, 1975 381975 Amend
170 The Orissa Motor Vehicles Taxation Act, 1975391975 Amend
171 The Orissa Dadan Labour (Control and Regulation) Act, 1975421975 Amend
172 The Orissa Agricultural Credit operatives and Miscellances Provision (banks) Act, 1975431975 Amend
173 The Orissa Antonomy Act, 1975461975 Amend
174 The Orissa Village Administration laws Repealing Act, 1975571975 Amend
175 The Orissa Repealing Act, 1976211976 Amend
176 The Orissa Maternity Benefit Laws Repealing Act, 1976281976 Amend
177 The Orissa Rent Suits (Validation) Act, 1976401976 Amend
178 The Talcher Municipality (Validation) Act, 1976451976 Amend
179 The Madras Cotton Control (Orissa Repealing) Act, 1976471976 Amend
180 The Orissa Panchayat Samiti (Re-election of Office Bearers) Act, 1977Assent awaited Amend
181 The Orissa Motor Spirit (Taxation on Sales) Repeal Act, 1977101977 Amend
182 The Orissa Municipal Councils (Reduction of term of Office) Act, 1977111977 Amend
183 The Orissa Land Revenue (Abolition) Act, 197861978 Amend
184 The Orissa Aided Educational Institutions (Appointment of Teachers Validation) Act, 1978141978 Amend
185 The Orissa University (Validation & Miscellences Provisions) Act, 1978241978 Amend
186 The Orissa Aided Educational Institutions (Appointment of Teachers Second Validation) Act, 1978271978 Amend
187 The Orissa State Aid to Industries Act, 1978321978 Amend
188 The Deogarh Municipal Council (Postponement of Election) Act, 197951979 Amend
189 The Orissa Cattle and Poultry Feed (Regulation) Act, 1979101979 Amend
190 The Orissa Estate Act, 1979161979 Amend
191 The Orissa Educational Institutions (Supersession of manageing Committee) Validation Act, 1979191979 Amend
192 The Orissa Agricultural Income Tax Law repealing Act, 1979201979 Amend
193 The Bolangir Municipal Council (Validation of Election) Act, 1979281979 Amend
194 The Orissa State Transport Undertakings (Prevention of Ticketless Travel) Repeal Act, 1980121980 Amend
195 The Orissa Municipal Councils (Postponement of Election) Act, 198031980 Amend
196 The Orissa Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation Act, 199011981 Amend
197 The Orissa Debt Relief Act, 198051981 Amend
198 The Orissa Panchayat Samiti (Re-election of Office Bearers) Act, 1981Assent awaited Amend
199 The Orissa Grama Panchayats (Reduction of Term of Office) Act, 1981101981 Amend
200 The Orissa Panchayat Samiti (Miscellanceous Provisions) Act, 1981111981 Amend
201 The Orissa Municipal Councils (Postponement of Election) Act, 1981121981 Amend
202 The Orissa Municipal Councils (Postponement of Election) (No.2) Act, 1981141981 Amend
203 The Orissa Forest Produce (Control of Trade) Act, 1981221981 Amend
204 The Orissa Aided Educational Institutions (Appointment of Teachers Validation) Act, 1981271981 Amend
205 The Orissa Grama Panchayat (Reduction of Term of Office and Postponement of Election) Act, 1981 291981 Amend
206 The Orissa Marine Fishing Regulation Act, 1981101982 Amend
207 The Orissa Registration of Documents (Validation) Act, 1982111982 Amend
208 The Orissa Development Authorities Act, 1982141982 Amend
209 The Orissa Higher Secondary Education Act, 1982191982 Amend
210 The Orissa Panchayat Samiti (Cessation of Office of the Chairman of Saharpada Panchayat Samiti) Act, 1982211982 Amend
211 The Orissa Children Act, 1981241982 Amend
212 The Orissa River Pollution Prevention Repealing Act, 1983151983 Amend
213 The Orissa Protection of SC & ST (Intiush in Trees) Act, 1983181983 Amend
214 The Orissa Municipal Councils (Postponement of Elections) Act, 1983201983 Amend
215 The Orissa Municipal Councils (Postponement of Elections) (No.2) Act, 1983211983 Amend
216 The Orissa Textile Mills Ltd. (Acquisition of Shares) Act, 1983271983 Amend
217 The Orissa Apartment Ownership Act, 198211984 Amend
218 The Orissa Relief Undertakings (Special Provisions) Act, 198331984 Amend
219 The Orissa Municipal Councils (Postponement of Elections) Act, 1984Assent awaited Amend
220 The Orissa Requsitioing of Omribuses Act, 1984111984 Amend
221 The Orissa Settlement and Consolidation Services (Appointment of Officers Validation) Act, 1984141984 Amend
222 The Orissa Civil Courts Act, 1984181984 Amend
223 The Chatrapur Notified Area Council (Postponement of Election) Act, 1984201984 Amend
224 The Puri Municipal Council (Holding of Elections and Validation) Act, 1984221984 Amend
225 The Orissa Municipal Councils (Postponement of Election) Act, 198531985 Amend
226 The Orissa Municipal Councils (Postponement of Elections) Act, 198551985 Amend
227 The Orissa Eyes (Auhorities for use for Therapeutic Purposes) Act, 1985131985 Amend
228 The Khandmals Laws Regulation (Repeal) Act, 1985151985 Amend
229 The Orissa Motor Vihicles (Taxation of Passengers) ( Repeal) Act, 198631986 Amend
230 The Bhaskar Textile Mills (Acquisition & Transfer) Act,198641986 Amend
231 The Orissa Requisitioning of Goods Vehicles Act,198651986 Amend
232 The Lepers (Orissa Repeal) Act, 198611987 Amend
233 The Orissa Administrative Service Class-II (Appointment of Officers Validation) Act, 1986Assent awaited Amend
234 The Orissa Advocates' Welfare Funds Act, 1987 181987 Amend
235 The Orissa Conduct of Examination Act, 198821988 Amend
236 The Orissa Medical Education Service (Validation of Gradation of Jr. Teachers) Act, 1988171988 Amend
237 The University Act, 198951989 Amend
238 The Orissa Aided Educational Institutions (Appointment of Teachers Validation ) Act,1989181989 Amend
239 The Orissa Panchayat Samiti (Postponement of Election) Act, 199061990 Amend
240 The Orissa Grama Panchayat(Postponement of Election) Act, 199071990 Amend
241 The Baluguan Notified Area Council (Extension of Term of Office and Validation) Act 1990.121990 Amend
242 The Orissa Municipal Councils (Reduction of Term of Office) Act, 1990131990 Amend
243 The Bhubaneswar Municipal Council ( Postponement of Election and Validation) Act, 1990151990 Amend
244 The Orissa Water-Supply and Sewerage Board Act,1991.121991 Amend
245 The Orissa Notifired Area Councils Extension of Terms Office and Validation Act, 1991141991 Amend
246 The Orissa Munucipal Councils (Postponement of Elections) Act, 1991151991 Amend
247 The Orissa Zilla Parishad Act,1991.171991 Amend
248 The Nalini Devi Women's College of Education (Taking over of Management) Act, 1991241991 Amend
249 The Orissa Saw mills and saw pits (Control) Act, 1990271991 Amend
250 The Orissa Clinical Establishment (Control and Regulation) Act, 1990 Assent awaited Amend
251 The Orissa Essential Service (Maintenance) Act, 1988Assent awaited Amend
252 The Orissa Transport Vehicles (Levy of Toll) Act, 1992131992 Amend
253 The Orissa Irrigation (Validation) Act, 1992211992 Amend
254 The Orissa Lokpal and Lokyuktas (Repeal) Act, 1992.331992 Amend
255 The Orissa Rural Employment, Education and Production Act, 1992 361992 Amend
256 The Orissa Aided Educational Institutions (Appointment of Hindi Teachers Validation) Act, 199211993 Amend
257 The Orissa Medical Service (Appointment of Assistant Surgeons Validation) Act, 1993101993 Amend
258 The Medical Education Service (Appointmnet of Junior Teachers Validation) Act, 1993111993 Amend
259 The Orissa State Commission for Backward Classes Act, 1993161993 Amend
260 The Orissa Prevention of Dangerous Activities of Communal Offenders Act, 1993181993 Amend
261 The Orissa Panchayati Raj Finance Commission (Miscelaneous Provisions) Act, 1993281993 Amend
262 The Orissa Fire Service Act, 1993301993 Amend
263 The Orissa Sports Authorities Act, 1994141994 Amend
264 The Orissa Development of Industries, Irrigation, Agriculture, Capital Construction and Re-settlement of Displaced persons (Land Acquisition) Repeal Act, 1994151994 Amend
265 The Orissa State Commission for Women Act, 1993191994 Amend
266 The Orissa Employees State Insurance Medical Service (Validation of Appointment) Act, 1994241994 Amend
267 The Orissa Service of Engineers (Validation of Appoinment) Act, 199421995 Amend
268 The Talcher Thermal Power Station (Acquisition and Transfer) Act, 199471995 Amend
269 The Orissa Lokpal and Lokyuktas Act, 1995Assent awaited Amend
270 The Orissa Special Court (Repeal and Special Provisions) Act, 1995.101995 Amend
271 The Orissa Luxury Tax Act,1995111995 Amend
272 The Orissa Electricity Reform Act, 199521996 Amend
273 The Orissa Hemeopathic Medical Teaching Service ( Appointment of Lecturers Validation) Act, 199541996 Amend
274 The Panchagada Anonga Narendra School of Education (Taking over of Management) Act, 199731997 Amend
275 The Orissa District Planning Committees Act, 1997Assent awaited Amend
276 The Orissa Aided Educational Institutions (Appointmnet of Lecturers Validation) Act, 1998141998 Amend
277 The Utkal University of Culture Act, 1999Assent awaited Amend
278 The Orissa Entry Tax Act,1999111999 Amend
279 The Orissa Fruit Nurseries (Regulation) Act, 1997 22000 Amend
280 The Orissa State Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employments Act, 2000 72000 Amend
281 The Western Orissa Development Council Act, 2000102000 Amend
282 The Orissa Service of Engineers (Validation of Appointment) Act, 200112002 Amend
283 The Orissa Public Libraries Act, 200132002 Amend
284 The Orissa Self Help Co-operaties Act, 200142002 Amend
285 The Orissa University of Tecenology Act, 2001Assent awaited Amend
286 The Orissa Pani Panchayat Act, 2002102002 Amend
287 The Orissa Service of Engineers (Validation of Appointment) Act, 2002Assent awaited Amend
288 The Orissa Municipal Corporation Act, 2003 112003 Amend
289 The Orissa Forest Development (Tax on sale of forest Produce by Government or Orissa Forest Development Corperation) Act, 2003182003 Amend
290 The Orissa Technical Education and Training Service (Validation of Appointment of Lecture's) Act, 2003202003 Amend
291 The Orissa Mining and Geology Service (Validation of Appointment) Act, 2003212003 Amend
292 The Orissa Industries (Facilitation) Act, 2004 142004 Amend
293 The Orissa Rural Infrastructure and Socio-economic Development Act, 200422005 Amend
294 The Orissa Value Added Tax Act, 200442005 Amend
295 The Orissa Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act, 200562005 Amend
296 The Ravenshaw University Act, 2005Assent awaited Amend
297 The Orissa Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1996142005 Amend
298 The Orissa Textile and Sericulture service (Validation of appointment of Assistant Director of Textiles) Act, 200542006 Amend
299 The Orissa Entertainment Tax Act, 200572006 Amend
300 The Orissa Appropriation (No.2) Act, 2006 122006 Amend
301 The Orissa Appropriation (Vote-on-Account) Act, 200732007 Amend
302 The Orissa Professional Educational Institutions (Regulation of Admission and Fixation of Fee) Act, 200742007 Amend
303 The Orissa Appropriation Act, 200752007 Amend
304 The Orissa Police Act, 2003Assent awaited Amend
305 The Orissa Special Couts Act, 2006 Assent awaited Amend
306 The Orissa Appropriation (No.2) Act, 2007102007 Amend
307 The Orissa Appropriation Act, 200822008 Amend
308 The National Law University Orissa Act, 200842008 Amend
309 The Orissa Appropriation (No.2) Act, 200872008 Amend
310 The Orissa University of Technology Act, 2008Assent awaited Amend
311 The Orissa Advocates' Clerks Welfare Fund Bill, 200862009 Amend
312 The Orissa Reservation of Posts and Services (For Socially and Educationally Backward Classes) Act, 200872009 Amend
313 The Orissa Medicare Service Persons and Medicare Service Institutions (Prevention of Violence and Damage to Property) Act, 2008112009 Amend
314 The ICFAI University Act, 2009 Assent awaited Amend
315 The Vedant University Act, 2009Assent awaited Amend
316 The Sri Sri University Act, 2009Assent awaited Amend
317 The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India University, Orissa Bill, 200952010 Amend
318 The Centurian University of Technology and management Orissa Bill,201042010 Amend
319 The Orissa State Roads Tolls Bill,201062010 Amend
320 The Orissa Ground Water (Regulation,Devlopment And Management) Bill,2011Assent awaited Amend
321 The Orissa Sales Tax(Settlement of Arrears) Bill,2011122011 Amend
322 The Orissa Maritime Board Bill, 2011Assent awaited Amend
323 The Odisha Right to Public Services Bill,2012Assent awaited Amend
324 The Orissa Industrial Security Force Bill,201272012 Amend
325 The Odisha Special Survey and Settlement Bill,201252012 Amend
326 The Xavier University Odisha Bill, 2013172013 Amend
327 The Orissa Protection of interests and Depositors(In Financial Establishment)Bill,2011212013 Amend
328 The Odisha Staff Nurses(Validation of Appointment) Bill, 2012192013 Amend
329 The Odisha Self-Help Cooperatives (Repeal) Bill, 2013 (Bill Replacing Ordinance)222013 Amend
330 The International Institute of Information Technology Bhubaneswar, Bill, 2012 (Select Committee)252013 Amend
331 The Odisha Prevention of Witch-Hunting Bill, 201332014 Amend
332 The Veer Surendra Sai Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Bill, 201362014 Amend
333 The Odisha State Open University Bill,2014Assent awaited Amend
334 The Odisha State Open University Bill,2014Assent awaited Amend
335 The Odisha Lokayakta Bill,2014Assent awaited Amend
336 The Orissa Scheduled Caste,Scheduled Tribes And Backward Classes(Regulation of Issurance And Verification of)Caste Verification of)Caste Certificates Bill,2011Assent awaited Amend
337 The Odisha Appropriation (No.2) Bill, 2015132015 Amend
338 The Odisha Appropriation Bill,201562015 Amend
339 The Birla Global University, Odisha Bill, 201512016 Amend
340 The Odisha Appropriation (Vote On Account) Bill, 201622016 Amend
341 The Odisha Electricity (Duty) Amendment Bill, 2016112016 Amend
342 The Odisha Appropriation Bill, 201652016 Amend
343 The Odisha Municipal Services Bill, 201572016 Amend
344 The Odisha Appropriation (No.2) Bill, 201762017 Amend
345 The University of Odia language and Literature Bill, 2017222017 Amend
346 The Odisha Industries Service (Validation Of Appointment Of Assistant Managers And Assistant Directors) Bill, 201532017 Amend
347 The Odisha Appropriation Bill, 201752017 Amend
348 The Odisha Goods and services Tax Bill,201772017 Amend
349 The Odisha Service of Engineers (Validation of Appointment) Bill, 2017202017 Amend
350 The Odisha Service of Engineers (Validation of Appointment) Bill, 2017212017 Amend
351 The Odisha Appropriation (No.2) Act, 2017232017 Amend
352 The AIPH University, Odisha, Act, 201732018 Amend
353 The Jagadguru Kripalu University, Odisha Bill,2020122020 Amend
354 The Odisha University (Amendment) Bill, 202062020 Amend
355 The Court fees (Odisha Amendment) Bill, 202072020 Amend
356 The Odisha Appropriation Bill, 202022020 Amend

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